Why you should pay attention to new blind solutions

Day and night blinds are one of the types of window treatment taking the world of decor by storm. This new style of blinds not only offers the right looks, but functionality as well making it the perfect choice for homeowners looking to refresh the look of their house.

But what are they anyway, and what can they really offer to you? In this article, we will talk about just that and give a few reasons why you should go with day night blinds.

What are these treatments anyway?

Day and night blinds are a unique set of blinds that utilize two layers of a certain fabric. One of those layers is transparent and the other is in a block colour. The whole idea of using multiple layers instead of a single one is to enable the use of these blinds for both day and night conditions.

As you can imagine, the transparent layer is the dayblind in this regard, meanwhile the layer in block colour is the night one. However, what makes this window decoration unique is that you don’t necessarily have to use only one at a time.

By combining the two of them, unique lighting solutions can be achieved to achieve whatever is ideal for you at the time – whether it’s a smooth and cozy lighting or complete darkness when going to sleep.

How do they work?

The whole principle of how day and night blinds work is very simple. Since there are two materials at work here, homeowners can adjust their window decorations with a simple twist of a cord.

If there’s broad daylight you want to enjoy you can retract them completely, or otherwise, extend them to the maximum if you’re going to sleep. A simple twist of a cord, can meanwhile help you angle the light just the way you want it.

A solution all year round

The reason why day and night blinds are accelerating in popularity at such a rapid rate is because of the many advantages that it offers to its users.

We discuss them below.

  • Thermal insulation – if you want your blinds to act as an insulator that can trap the heat in your home and reduce energy bills, then this is the ideal choice for you. The multi-layer design allows you to retain the heat during the winter and block your home from incoming heat during the summer.
  • Perfect amount of shading – there’s nothing better like a nice shade at home during hot summer days. Day and night blinds allow the owner to find just the right amount of shade to keep the house cool during the summer.
  • Unmatched light control – like we mentioned before, the amount of light control that you get with day and night blinds is unmatched by any other window treatment solution. Going to sleep? Flip the blinds to get complete darkness. Want to enjoy just a bit of shade to add a layer of coziness to your home? Adjust them accordingly.

All in all

In this article, we’ve briefly discussed the importance of paying attention to new window treatment solutions in order to bring the most benefit to your home. Day and night blinds meanwhile, are one of the best examples of getting the best value for your home decor solution.

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