A few tips on how to properly measure your curtains

measure your curtains

Many people would agree that curtains are an important part of your room’s interior, even if it might not seem like it from first glance.

In a way, they are elements that help create a certain mood, character and style in your home, which is why choosing the right ones is absolutely necessary to nail the atmosphere that you’re going for.

One of the most important factors in finding the right curtain set for your home is to accurately measure them.

A more posh look for example, will require you to purchase longer curtains that puddle on the floor, creating that classy and rich feel.

There are also headings to consider as well. Certain sets come with different heading types, which allow the homeowner to creatively adapt their curtains into the interior.

Regardless of which style or type you go with, you’ll first need to hang up the curtains to measure them accordingly.

Measuring curtain width

We’ll start with the basics. Typically the first thing you need to do when setting up your window is to hang up the pole, on which you will hang the curtains down as well. The pole is typically set up around 6 inches above the window and is about 8 inches wide on each side.

If you’re going for a heightened feel, you’re free to hang up the pole a few inches higher even, to increase the presence of the curtains even more.

As for their standard width, most curtain sets generally come in three sizes – either 46, 66 or 90 inches. To determine which set of curtains will work for you best – be sure to measure the length of the pole itself and not the window.

This guarantees that your window will maintain a full look even when your curtains are closed.

More and more consumers it seems, try to go for a fuller curtain feel, so wider variants are much more popular than thinner ones. The same applies for curtain materials as well, as people are more keen on thicker materials.

Measuring curtain drop

Already made curtain sets also have a standard drop measurement, typically being in 54, 72, 90 or even 108 inches in drop.

Here you have to again measure from the start of your pole and not the window, to get acceptable measurements.

For those interested in curtains that have tab or eyelet tops, again measuring from the pole should be the standard to follow. Of course, there are things like wave, pencil and other similar tops for curtains.

We recommend measuring your curtains from the bottom of the rings on your pole, however, this depends on the look that you’re trying to achieve.

These tips of course, are just the very basics, so if you have any doubt about doing a successful job, you might want to consider a professional to fit your curtains perfectly. There are plenty of firms out there that not only sell you the curtains, but can offer installation services as well.

All in all

In this article, we’ve briefly touched upon the topic of window curtains and how to measure them. It’s key to set up your pole correctly and start your measurements from there, however, if you’re at a loss, consider hiring a professional firm to help you out.