Roller Fly Screen Anthracite Frame

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Online Blinds 2 You offers an extensive range of insect screens that are extremely reliable and highly functional when it comes to protecting your home or office from unhygienic and annoying insects.

The most popular solution in our range is the Retractable Insect Screen which is only visible when in use and retracts completely into a neat cartridge when not needed.

The screen consists of a flat and highly transparent mesh which will successfully keep out most types of insects and unwanted pests, including mosquitoes, bees, wasps, flies, spiders, etc. Black mesh is also available.

All our screens are fitted as standard with a patented viscodynamic brake which ensures that the screen retracts smoothly and evenly every time. The brake slows down the recoil of the screen into the cartridge, minimizing noise and preventing damage to the screen.

Our aluminum cartridge is one of the smallest available in the UK and once mounted on the window, is hardly visible.
The side guides have a built-in brush pile strip to guarantee that there is no possibility of insects getting through.
A neat and aesthetically pleasing look is achieved by having no bottom bar profile. The bottom bar brush can be placed at the bottom or on both sides, creating an effective seal between the screen and the window sill or window.

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