How to repair blinds at home

Owning a set of window blinds to use as window decorations is becoming a thing that’s more and more popular. After all, people realize the many advantages they can give to the owners both in terms of functionality, as well as aesthetics.

However, sometimes things don’t go as smoothly as planned. Whether it’s a lower quality product that we’ve chosen, a factory defect or simply bad luck, we might end up with a faulty set of blinds.

Luckily, the majority of them can be fixed right there at your home, without having to invest in a completely new set of decorations.

Today, we will talk about some of the most common problems with window blinds and how to address them.

Broken slats

Whether installed on a sliding door or a set of vertical windows, vertical blinds are usually found in areas around the house where they are pretty visible. If you have small children or pets, it’s usually tempting for them to grab onto a slat.

This could result in a slat being broken or completely ripped-off. However, this doesn’t mean that the issue can’t be fixed. A quick solution would be to flip the broken blind upside down, make a hole through it and hang it back up on a slot which fastens to the headrail.

Cracked or bent slats

Cracks and bends are another common problem relating to window blinds. Whether it’s our kids’ pets, or maybe even us accidentally pulling a blind handle the wrong way, damaging them in this way is fairly common. 

However, they don’t necessarily call for an entirely new set of blinds either, as cracks and bends are still fixable.

The perfect solution would be to use an extra slat if you have one and simply replace the damaged one. Otherwise, simply take out the one at the very bottom and use it to replace the damaged one.

Lift cord broken

A lift cord is an essential mechanical part of your window decorations which allows you to either close or open the blinds. If it’s broken, you can’t use your window treatments at all.

The good thing is that the cord is fairly simple to replace and you can do it yourself. Our suggestion would be to look for one at your local hardware store, perhaps the same one that you’ve bought your window decoration from.

If you have no luck finding it, buying one from a manufacturer or a simple string may work as well.

Vertical blinds got jammed

One day you might find yourself trying to open your set of vertical blinds only for them to not respond to your touch at all. This is a fairly common problem and there’s a very simple fix to that.

Don’t try to force them open if they don’t open and instead, work on finding the source of what’s jamming them. We suggest ensuring that all of the slats are properly aligned as well as using silicone spray to coat them properly.

All in all

Most of the common issues with blinds can be fixed very simply, without the need for paying for an entirely new set of window decor. Whether it’s jamming or broken parts, having the know-how will help you tackle all of these issues.

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