Day & Night Blinds

Day night blinds

Day night blinds – are a type of window treatments that take the level of living comfort in your room to the next level. To put it simply, they are specialized blinds designed specifically to allow you complete control over the lighting in your home, offering you enough privacy, sunlight as well as 24 hour protection from shading.

In recent years, this type of shade has been growing more and more in popularity, and it’s not difficult to see why. Not only are they a very functional tool in controlling the light in your home and adjusting it to your looking, they are also rather stylish, allowing one to incorporate different ideas into the interior of a home.

Another great thing that differentiates them from other window coverings is their sturdiness. Most options that you can find in shops online are made from multi-layer fabrics that can help align the lighting of the room as precisely as you want.
Want to the sun shine through completely, or create complete darkness for the night as you go to sleep? Simply adjust the shading to your liking with a few twists of the control. Or you can create just the right in-between that you prefer.

At blinds-2you, we offer our clients a collection of day and night blinds designed to not only look appealing as a part of your home, but to be functional and practical. To go along with this, we believe we offer a range of prices that are certainly attractive to the average consumer.

We’re sure that you every homeowner will find exactly what they’re searching for!

Most popular types of day and night blinds

Like we already said, the reason why this window covering is so popular is because it offers a lot of advantages to the user. It not only enables an owner to appreciate the natural sunlight of the day, but gives the ability to regulate how much of it they want of it coming through.

As you go by your day, you’ll naturally want more light coming through to perform your daily tasks. Otherwise, nobody wants to be disturbed while they are sleeping, so this type of shade can also be used as a shield from the sunlight at night.>

It’s important to also mention that not all day blinds are the same. Different types are designed for different purposes and usage. Below we give a brief explanation of the most popular types of day and night roller blinds

Double Roller

Double roller blinds are designed with precise light control at various times during the day in mind. As with all double layer fabrics, this is ideal for both conditions during the day and the night. The first layer is a screen designed specifically for separating incoming light.

Also, the screen is designed in a way that’s impossible to look into the room from the outside. That means you not only have a free flow of light, but are protected from snooping eyes. When you’re going to sleep, simply put up the second layer – the roller. This completely blocks the sunlight to ensure comfort during the night.

Illusion Roller

Illusion roller variants are designed from multiple small blinds that allow sunlight to come in, as well as enjoy the view from their bedroom, kitchen or living room window. They are the best variant if you want to filter your light very softly.
Most homeowners agree that such an option is the most universal and not only helps create any mood that a person wants, as well complete privacy if he or she so prefers. It’s doesn’t difficult to see why this type of day night roller blind is one of the most popular.

Duo Pleated

Most home designers agree that this type of day and night blinds is the most functional, however, no sense of style is lost in the process here. Here, the top layer is designed specifically to improve the privacy and coverage aspect, while the bottom one is dedicated to creating the appropriate shading.

Like all multilayer day night blinds, this one is no exception when it comes to creating more thermal insulation within the room as cold air is prevented from entering the room due to the air pocket that these blinds carry.

Top Down/Bottom Up

This is another blind type which emphasizes the practical aspect as a key element. With the top down/bottom up concept, a user is enabled to control the lighting with extreme precision in any way they prefer.

Also, there are many styling options to choose from here as well. Our online shop offers variants that will certainly please any homeowner’s eye. Considering that you’re also going to improve the comfort of your home, this is one of the best variants to choose from.

Things to know about day night blinds

Few other window covering options can offer you this much precision in controlling the natural sunlight coming into your home, as well as improving  the level of comfort and privacy.  While for the most part, they function like traditional rollers, they do have some things that separates them.

One thing every homeowner should know is that most day and night blinds are made from at least two layers of fabrics.  A sturdier design mainly helps with providing extra insulation for the room, especially when there’s cold winter air outside. You see, multi-layered materials help create an air pocket which acts as a means of securing the heat within the house, without letting it escape, even when the windows are opened.

The next thing is of course the control that this blind type gives in terms of directing incoming sunlight. Most of them are composed of smaller panels to allow the user to determine whether to block it, allow it or settle for something in between.

Below we answer some of the most common questions regarding day and night blinds.

How do day and night blinds work?

Day and night blinds are designed to enhance the comfort of every homeowner everyday. Natural light is necessary for us throughout the day – whether it’s in the morning when we get up, during lunch in the kitchen or even using the last glimpses of it when we come back from work in the evening.

Not only does it give more comfort and a natural feel at home, it also helps to do our usual things without the need for lamps or other additional lighting. The panels on day and night roller blinds are made to let owners determine the amount of sufficient lighting, without compromising things like privacy for example.

This means that no matter the time of day, you will be in control of what comes throughout the day. To operate them, all you basically need to do is adjust the lever for these panels by hand.

However, that’s not to say that there are more advanced options out there for day and night roller blinds. Many variants these days utilize new operation technologies as well automation, which is said to be the way of the future.

That means that you can adjust the dimming of the shades via things like remote control from your bed, sofa or even another room with more advanced models. We think that a roller blind of this type will be an essential item for any household in the future.

What makes day night blinds special and what prices should you expect?

Like we mentioned before day and night blinds are different from traditional means of covering windows due to a couple of main things. First, there’s the way they are made. Double layering of the fabric materials allows to have a long lasting option for natural light control, as well as provide extra insulation to the room.

Next is the styling. Since they’re one of the newest options in the industry they come in various colors and materials. Whether it’s a formal, classy or cozy look you’re going for, faux or real wood can certainly help enhance and create the right atmosphere in your home.

Lastly, there’s the price. Despite many advantages to the user, they are still a fairly priced product that’s affordable for the casual consumer. Our online shop offers premium options from  £57 and up. We’re sure that people will find what they’re looking for.

Why should you choose day and night blinds?

Day and night blinds are popular among people because they’re functional and stylish, not because it’s some sort of temporary trend for home interiors. If you want an option for window coverings that allows you to control your lighting freely during the day, protects your bedroom from incoming during the night and can help enhance your interior, then this is the option for you.

At blinds-2you, we offer our clients great deals on a variety of selections of day and night roller options that can be fitted to any household and the preferred style of the owner. If you’re looking for your next window covering option, look no further!

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